DIY: IKEA stool to end table



Hey ho! Long time no see. Today I am back with two new updates. First of all, I have decided to blog in english from now on, so there we go.

And the second, I am back with my favourite kind of post; DIY.

A while ago whilst browsing through the garage, I have stumbled upon this little broken IKEA stool and immediately thought "hmm, I can use this somehow". My first idea was a cabin style inspired stool/end table, but as that required some stuff I couldn't find that easily at the moment, I put the project away for later. However, as it always turns out, there's a perfect timing to turn every idea into a reality, even if everything looks a bit different than imagined in the end. ;)

Just recently I have been doing another project (I plan to do a post on that later on), this little shelf unit AKA hanger, after which I was left with some spare wood, since I had to saw up a board in order to make it fit into the space. What remained was a little rectangular piece and I got a very low key & simple idea on how to re-use it.

So what I've done is, I sanded out the rough edges of the wood a little bit to make them smoother, drilled a few holes and screwed it onto the stool base. And that was it. The whole project took me literally half an hour (even though I actually had to do it in two separate days, because of the rainy weather that has interrupted my work flow a bit) and it was one of the easiest things I've done actually.

I wasn't striving towards perfection, so don't look for it, I really just wanted to make a simple and minimalistic piece of furniture to use as an end table and I think it looks cool and it being a repurposed piece makes it even better.

If you want to, you can also check the process out in this short video I made. 
Unfortunately, the quality is not what I hoped for it to be (the video looked at least solid on my phone and as I uploaded it to YouTube, the quality decreased quite a lot), but it was filmed with my phone, so I guess I cannot expect too much, especially for my first time in a while. I really hope you like it anyway, though. 

So, there, this is what I have to offer after my two month absence.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! :)

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